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Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit 200W


Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit 200W

Today I want to present a revolutionary product, in its simplicity, the Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit that includes the Speeder Box and the Revvo ARC tank.
Aspire has always played an important role in the Vaping World, just mentioning the Nautilus i can clarify its leading role in the production of devices that simply ... work and are successful.

Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit, a fantastic duo, a box capable of delivering 200W and an atomizer that really introduces something new: the Revvo ARC coil.

Aspire Speeder 200W, a dual battery powered by two 18650, with soft and sinuous lines, with the "fire" button at full height on the side. The functions are typical of Aspire: VW, VV, Bypass, TC (Ni Ti SS), TCR and CPS (customizable power curve). The Speeder is equipped with gravitational sensor that controls the screen, in practice in any position you keep the box the screen automatically orients to the right or left to always be easily readable. Output is soft, never aggressive but always full and present; if you use at low wattages or high wattages the Speeder will always give you good vape feelings.

Revvo ARC Tank, the most interesting part of the kit and the most interesting product presented in last months. If I had to define the Revvo I would say that it is a RDTA with premade coils,but the true nature of this Revvo is: a revolutionary product.

The Revvo Arc coils are the architects of this revolution and the heart of the Revvo

What you see in the picture is the coil, the evaporation surface is the whole top, the cotton is positioned below that "grid". In this way the ARC coils return a very, very full-bodied vapour and allow you to taste your favorite liquid as you have never done before!
The Revvo ARC Tank is not only performance, it is also monstrously easy to use: to change the coil simply unscrew a nut by hand, the ARC coil is held in place by an o-ring ... in practice the change of resistance is feasible in 30 seconds. The capacity of 2ml is not much, but the refill system is also quick and revolutionary.

The ARC coils are fed by the liquid present in the tank, the natural vaping position with the device inclined towards the user is sufficient to feed correctly the cotton-resistance system; only with almost empty tank you need to tilt more the kit towards you ... but why damn yourself when the refill can be done faster than a drip in a dripping?

Yes, you read correctly, the funnel shape of the nut that tightens the coil is not casual: inserting the needle of your bottle (for example a Chubby) and pressing down you open a valve on the bottom of the atomizer. To recharge the Revvo just insert the tip of the container without disassembling or opening anything, press and squeeze the bottle: the refill is fast, easy, comfortable and above all clean! You can make the refill with any type of bottle: from the chubby, to the classic with plastic needle or directly with the glass pipe ...

The Revvo ARC tank should be pushed to medium-high Wattages, Aspire recommends 80-85W. The numbers do not say much taken apart, but I can assure you that the cloud produced at that power is absolutely sublime and delicious. The air adjustment allows you a very open draw, personally I love the Revvo with the air half opened, with this AFC setting the steam is thick, full-bodied, moist, and with ana amazing taste!

Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit 200W, ithe future is here....are you ready to vape the future?




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